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Tim Adams

Tim Adams
Senior Technical Trainer, Networking Solutions, Channel Programs

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Posted by Tim Adams on 20 March 2024

We’ve all seen the explosion of USB capability since USB 3.1 was released: using USB for network, power in and out, to connect displays and supporting adapters that do just about anything except brew your coffee. Laptops with no Ethernet ports are now common, with some only featuring USB-C ports. Store shelves (brick and mortar or virtual) are lined with adapters. Cellular routers, too, are part of this shift, with advanced models like Semtech’s AirLink® XR series featuring USB-C ports.  
In this blog, we delve into the potential uses of the USB-C port on Semtech’s AirLink® XR series of Pro routers. 

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Tags: Internet of Things, 5G, Gateway


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