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Milesight’s 5G AIoT Network Camera Demonstrated the Integration Potential of 5G and LoRaWAN®

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Mike Wong

Mike Wong


According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, China's 5G network coverage continues to expand. Large-scale deployment of the 5G network strengthens the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, extending IoT application scenarios to diversified fields including manufacturing, agriculture, medical care, security, and smart cities.

Milesight, one of Semtech’s LoRa® ecosystem collaborators, has launched a 5G AIoT Network Camera, which not only innovatively integrates 5G, AI and IoT technologies, but also can simultaneously support 5G and network connectivity via LoRaWAN®.

5g-aiot-cameraFigure 1: Milesight’s 5G AIoT HD Network Camera

Milesight’s 5G AIoT HD Network Camera has built-in 5G and a gateway module leveraging LoRaWAN network connectivity. Without the need to deploy complex cables and optical fibers, it can realize unlimited transmission of video data through a 5G network. Meanwhile, the Network Camera adopts the high-performance Semtech LoRa Core™ SX1302, boasting strong data processing capability and stable operation. Through the innovative integration of 5G, AI and IoT technologies, the Network Camera facilitates enhanced monitoring for a wide variety of use cases.

Innovation Advantage: Integration of LoRa, 5G and AI Technologies

The 5G AIoT HD Network Camera can realize dual applications based on one machine. For example, it can be used as an HD Network Camera to transmit high-definition video data and as a network gateway utilizing LoRaWAN to collect corresponding IoT sensor data (e.g., environmental sensor data; smart wall socket, smart socket and PIR sensor data; alarm data; fire sensor data such as flooding, audible and visual alarm, combustible gas, etc.). Additionally, should the sensor data trigger an early warning, the system can make secondary confirmation based on synchronous linkage of related video images.

Specifically, the LoRa-enabled gateway module supports the collection of sensor data, whereas the 5G module can be used for live streaming video, rapid analysis and decision-making to realize one-time deployment and transmission of the data stream and video stream, thus reducing equipment and deployment costs. By virtue of AI technology, it is in a position to realize diversified video content analysis functions, such as regional intrusion and departure, advanced motion detection, region entrance/existing, loitering, line crossing, tamper detection, etc. The Network Camera supports multiple frequency bands around the world, including CN470, RU864, IN865, EU868, US915, AU915, KR920, AS923, AS923-2, and MQTT / HTTP / HTTPS connection mode, which are beneficial to realizing the quick connection with various IoT platforms.

Dedicated to Solving Industry Pain Spots Through Technology Fusion

With the support of Semtech’s LoRa technology, this solution effectively solves several pain points of the HD camera industry:

  • The integration of 5G communication and LoRaWAN promotes system independence, requiring less human intervention

  • The built-in gateway using LoRaWAN enables data accuracy, avoiding abnormal data reporting caused by hazy weather and image occlusion.

Given the limited internal space of the Network Camera, the synchronous built-in of 5G and network gateway module using LoRaWAN creates mutual interference between 5G and LoRa wireless signals. Therefore, it was necessary to plan, modify and improve the internal structural design of the product. During the development process, Semtech provided multi-faceted support for Milesight, including product design feedback promoting the effective integration of the two technologies in one device.

Quarantine for COVID-19 Prevention

Milesight facilitated COVID-19 prevention by utilizing the 5G AIoT HD Network Camera, intelligent sensors and terminal equipment, addressing the management problems of a series of quarantine areas including residential communities, centralized-quarantine hotels and quarantine wards. For instance, the Milesight WS301 wire-free magnetic contact switch can provide secondary confirmation of quarantine ward conditions through real-time video via linkage with the 5G AIoT HD Network Camera. In case of health issues experienced by quarantined individuals, it can ensure rapid assistance through the Milesight WS101 Smart Button located in the quarantine room.

aiot-camera-applicationFigure 2: Application of 5G AIoT HD Network Camera in the Quarantine for COVID-19 Prevention

Water Level Monitoring

Water level monitoring based on traditional field measurement can be non-intuitive and time consuming. While AI technology has been widely incorporated, monitoring systems are prone to inaccurate gauging of water levels due to dirty depth meters and floating objects. Milesight has solved these problems through an early warning monitoring system based on LoRaWAN, which can be applied to diversified scenarios including flood risk monitoring and overflow alarm.

In this system, Milesight EM500-SWL submersible Water Level sensor can monitor the water level under a bridge via real-time linkage with the deployed Milesight 5G AIoT HD Network Camera. In the case of an abnormal water level alarm, it can confirm conditions using real-time video. In an emergency scenario, it can prevent serious losses due to floods and other accidents by enabling rapid decision making.

aiot-camera-water-monitorFigure 3: Application of 5G AIoT HD Network Camera in the Water-level Monitoring System

Intelligent Retail

By deploying the 5G AIoT camera and sensors, Milesight enables intelligent unmanned retail scenarios via real-time viewing of live HD video, air quality and temperature monitoring and equipment management. The system can also assess customer presence over time, providing valuable analysis data for business management.

Intelligent Healthcare

Combining a series of devices including an indoor environment sensor, intelligent wall socket, one-click alert, and fire safety sensor, the 5G AIoT HD Network Camera provides safe and comfortable conditions for patients and also reduces relevant operating costs, thus improving management efficiency.

Innovation in Action

Of the system, Leon Jiang, vice president of Milesight, said, "Milesight 5G AIoT HD Network Camera is an innovative HD Network Camera that integrates 5G, AI and IoT technologies and can simultaneously support 5G and LoRaWAN. In the application of IoT, not only can clients utilize it to apply 5G technology to realize real-time and efficient transmission of high-definition video images, but they can also use it as a network gateway using LoRaWAN to collect sensor data. Moreover, based on the upgrading of the original camera, it can provide corresponding solutions for video transmission and sensor data acquisition, thus reducing equipment and deployment costs. More importantly, conforming to the AIoT market trend characterized by the fusion of various communication technologies, it is capable of simplifying the deployment and enriching the intelligent applications suitable for various scenarios."

Semtech is pleased to support Milesight to develop the 5G AIoT HD Network Camera. With the increasing market demand for LoRa technology, we expect to launch additional wireless deployment solutions enabled by LoRa and LoRaWAN in the future to further innovate the IoT space. Semtech will continue to provide strong support for ecosystem collaborators to boost the development of products that fulfil the market’s technical demands.

Explore more applications for LoRa devices on our website.


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